A Fun Little Family Photo Shoot

As a wedding and lifestyle photographer I get to photograph loads of people! I've learned that letting kids be kids makes for some amazing photos! Parents can try and get a nice “smile at the camera” photo but don't get frustrated if it doesn’t happen right away!

Here are a few tips:

- Book a good photographer and trust them!

- Bring a change of clothes! Kids spill and get messy and why not change it up a bit!

- Share your experience with friends! Use your photographers hashtags and tag them in your posts! The more you share, the more people will like and talk about your amazing pictures!

- Enjoy the photo shoot! Let your kids be kids and have fun with them! It really does show!

This last one is the most important! Even if your photographer is not the best when you look at your photos, you'll remember how you felt. So enjoy it! When your kid is getting married years from now and you share the photo of them with a lollipop stuck to their shirt, you'll remember that same feeling of joy!

So book a good photographer and have fun!


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