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            Life was something I was born to embrace from a young age, my mom raised me to build people up. She encouraged us to thrive in life and to be inspired. I see life through my experiences and adventures. Soccer with a few kids in Nicaragua, catching a glimpse of light breaking through a gentle embrace, or floating in the sea amongst the swells. This is where my heart beats the hardest. I try to pay tribute to that through my photographs. I never set out to be anyone great, but to push the scope of my experience through adventure, through passion and in the end to inspire others to do the same. Helping someone see Beauty in life is a blessing. Its the simple things that keeps me smiling. 

Flashes of light recorded on a digital negative through the scope of a few pieces of glass is what translates moments of truth, and love into life. These images aren't just something nice to look at, they inspire and captivate. Its the truth of the lens. Photographs are the silent workhorses of history. I try to keep motivation simple and real so I won't take this for granted. At the end of it all, I am a proud man seeking humility through the grace of God. If I only get by in life by capturing those significant moments, Then I'm ok with that. I am genuinely grateful to say that I love what I do. I may never be a rich man, but at least I'll have a few stories to share.

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